Rob McGee has been a professional photographer for over 20 years and is now working as a freelance photographer and videographer. Other projects he has recently been involved in include videos that enhance the media experience for people with disabilities, promotional videos for models and personal trainers, red carpet events and promotional shots and creative video for a new makeup line.


McGee also worked in Halifax for a production company shooting a wide variety of stills and b roll that included short films, commercials, music videos and comedy shows.


McGee has worked in various roles including Director of Photography, Director, Producer, and has become adept at improvising with set up and lighting where budgets were low and equipment malfunctioned.


McGee thrives on interesting, unique projects that push his creative ability to the limits. He is a natural collaborator and innovator and is thrilled to be working as cinematographer on his first feature length film. He’s also the headshot guru of Toronto, check out his work at


Jeremy Gilbert is a television promo producer who has contributed camera work on numerous Jude Klassen projects, as both a still photographer and a videographer. Though he edits promos extensively in his day job and shot much of the second camera footage for Love in the Sixth he considers himself more a photographer, something he has done since the late 1960s.


While he doesn’t pursue photography as a profession per se, he nevertheless has had photos published at CBC, the Canadian Press, Al Jazeera, and takes publicity shots for Zero Gravity Circus’s Lunacy Cabaret in Toronto.



Taylor has been a major contributor to all things Judecast and Fast Ford Nation on both sides of the camera for a few years. Her main interest is lighting and while working with Love in the Sixth‘s cinematographer, Rob McGee, she has come up with brilliant lighting solutions on the spot with very little in the way of high-end gear.


Sullivan has worked for: Marblemedia (as a Preproduction Intern), A Russell Peter Christmas (Script PA), the short film Hellvetica (Production & Lighting Designer), The Country Music Awards (Production Designer), Centennial Sports Television (Lighting Designer), Skatoony II (Office Production Assistant) and more.


Tim Cameron has figured his way around recording studios and microphones many times in the past, so it was just matter of time before Jude handed him a boom mic and said “here, do something with this!”. Any resemblance Tim bears to the film’s male lead T.C. Folkpunk is purely coincidental. And genetic.



The Butlers’ dedicated work on the editing of Love in the Sixth resulted in artful whacky fabulousness. The boys have been stirring it up since they formed, Substance Production (SubProd) in 2003. To quote their website:

SubProd is the cocked and loaded offspring of maverick producers and brothers, Brett and Jason Butler. Based out of Toronto, SubProd is an independent production company dedicated to creating exciting, edgy and original content for film and television.With multiple film festival awards and several feature scripts in development, SubProd is poised to unleash a new and fearless form of entertainment into households worldwide.

Nicely said boys.