Say what you will about the occasionally inappropriate and always politically outraged entertainment journalist Dani Spungen—she always gets good interview. Well, at least until an apoplectic publicist shuts her down.


Dani knows her days of having a paid journalism gig are ticking down, and the big climate dial is jammed at we’re fucked o’clock—but she still strives to put a sustainable spin on things.


Trying to raise her climate-activist preteen daughter with integrity in the Sixth Extinction is a boatload of heavy—add a withholding man holding a guitar and that little boat starts to list.


As a single mom, Dani struggles to keep living indoors, keep the tofu coming, and keep encouraging hope, meaning and joy in the heart of her wise dystopian daughter, Katerina. Twelve year-old Kat is intrigued with The Hunger Games, George Orwell, the original Twilight Zone, and David Suzuki. Kat, who sees all with the clear eyes of an exceedingly intelligent old soul strives to protect both her mother and
Mother Earth.


Ultimately, Love in the Sixth is a tilt on the romantic musical comedy. Through the stories of young Mavis, a vibrant, cheeky polyamorous feminist who is involved with two brothers, Brett and Jay, Qalie, a cell-phone addicted, artsy lesbian involved with Tamara, a corporate lady-ball breaker, and at its centre, Dani, a funky, mid-life mom whose devastatingly dysfunctional relationship with her singer / songwriter boyfriend, Sid, threatens the delicate eco-system of her tiny, atrophying Toronto cottage.


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