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Musically, you’ll hear elements of pre-Love Shack B-52’s and west-coast bubble-gum rockers Cub. When Klassen declares “I’m on mancation,” I defy you not to join in the fun.

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HollywoodChicago landscape

Hollywood Chicago Review and Interview


The “Canuck Girls” have hit town, and they brought a lively, passionate and super fun musical about relationships and the environment to CIMMFest!

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Bike Gang

Canadian Crossing review

‘Love in the Sixth’ highlights Canadian films in 2016 CIMM festival

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Jason Gorber’s Mention on CTV


This was from Whistler Film Festival, a terrific place to catch up films and friends from around the world. Jason talks about Jude Klassen’s infectious LOVE IN THE SIXTH and more!

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That Shelf Review


What sets this film apart, and what frankly accounts for an enormous part of its success, is that Jude Klassen is fabulous to watch on screen. The writer/director/producer/star is the heart beating at the centre of the piece, with all other elements surrounding her either in contrast or compliment.

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Reel West Magazine


Jude Klassen is a Canadian indie Queen. In her production diary for her musical comedy Love in the Sixth, which is bringing her home to BC, Klassen shares some of the secrets of movie making on a microbudget.

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Jason Whyte Interview


LOVE IN THE SIXTH is a musical comedy with ripping tunes, raw acting, relevant themes, raunchy revelations, and is unlike anything you’ve seen before.” Director Jude Klassen on LOVE IN THE SIXTH which screens at the 2015 Whistler Film Festival. Jude is also joined by lead actor, editor and co-producer Jason Butler.

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Whistler Film Festival’s Red Carpet Photos on Facebook:


LOVE IN THE SIXTH is a musical about the relationship between Dani, a struggling single Mom, and her dystopian twelve-year-old daughter Kat. The funniest lyrics, the catchiest tunes, and the most eye-popping music-video type montages are a sheer, original delight.


Photo Credit: Kim Eij Photography

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Pique News Magazine


It’s got folk, punk, Motown, roots Americana, hip hop, funk and 60s surf-inspired instrumentals. All in all, Love In the Sixth, a new feature-length musical from Toronto filmmaker Jude Klassen doesn’t leave much out.

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