08 Nov Who’s behind Fast Ford Nation?

It’s no secret that the internet just doesn’t like Toronto Mayor Rob Ford.




The latest evidence of this comes from Toronto comedian Jude Klassen, whose “Tasha Journalist” character has recorded a dance-music video love song for the mayor:

It’s oddly compelling, isn’t it?

The video makes reference to Ford’s recent expletive-laden(?), 911-call-inducing, pre-Halloween encounter with This Hour Has 22 Minutes‘ Mary Walsh but also takes aim at Ford’s proposed (and enacted) cuts to city services and his record of statements against the queer community, the homeless and others.

The video landed four days ago but first popped up on Twitter discussions last night via journalist Jonathan Goldsbie (@goldsbie), and then quickly popped up in stories on Torontoist, Huffington Post and Open File. It’s already racked up more than 2,600 views, which I think means it’s officially gone viral.

See full article: DailyXtra

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